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This paper is for teacher educators and K12 teachers who would like to integrate global education, 21st Century skills and new media in education, this paper outlines my experiences as a Fulbright Scholar teaching multicultural education, media literacy and educational technology in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; offers creative strategies for producing media with youth; and showcases their projects and digital stories from Central Asia.

The research participants deconstructed and assessed the national and local curriculum and standards; presented their curriculum projects such as video documentaries reflecting not only on their stories but also international issues and perspectives through their online contact to global community and documented their stories in order to articulate the realities of conditions in schools through their research, analysis, and dialog. Through the discovery process, the participants explored, designed, and created the strategies, curricula, and programs for improving student outcomes, also the candidates gained alternative point of view on their subject fields and renewed interest and commitment to socially responsible teaching.

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