Leah GrafFollow

Date of Completion

Spring 4-7-2023

Project Advisor(s)

Juliette Shellman, Millicent Malcolm, Amisha Parekh de Campos

University Scholar Major



Critical Care Nursing | Nursing


Two million older adults in the U.S. suffer with depression. Adults who live with the difficulties of depression concurrently experience dissatisfaction with life. Life review is a systematic recollection of past events. Dr. Robert Butler postulated that, as the elderly and those with terminal illness approach the end of their lives, there is a resurgence of life experiences in the conscience (1963). A successful life review conducted by an active listener assists the individual to process unresolved conflicts and attain ego-integrity in the final stage of life. Home health services have become an increasingly accepted option for managing chronic illnesses in older adults because it allows care to be provided in the most comfortable environment for patients. In employing the use of a four-session Structured Life Review (SLR) intervention, the research team aimed to test the feasibility of this intervention on patients receiving at-home care. A one-group pre/post-test design was used to conduct this study. A convenience sample of fourteen adults were recruited from the Middlesex Health Care at Home program with four adults completing the intervention. The participants reported satisfaction with the intervention and learned about their resilience through this experience. Recruitment was difficult and strategies should be improved for future research studies. The findings of this study show that this structured life review intervention is feasible and enjoyable for the homecare population. Recruitment and retention strategies for future studies will be presented.