Date of Completion

Spring 5-13-2020

Thesis Advisor(s)

Julian Norato, Baki Cetegen

Honors Major

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


The purpose of this thesis work is to study the effect of a ferromagnetic particle on an induced solenoid’s magnetic field. Solenoids are wound coils that are charged with current to induce a magnetic field. The placement of a particle inside a solenoid interacts with the coil’s magnetic field and therefore changes the coil’s field behavior. This work comprises a parametric study of how particle size and placement within a solenoid affect the solenoid’s magnetic field. A model of the coil and particle is created and parametrically studied using the computational software ANSYS. The results from this simulation help to understand exactly how the size and placement of the particle affects the coil’s magnetic field, and how this field differs from the coil’s induced field. Since solenoids are used in various engineering applications such as switches, actuator valves, and sensors, this work serves to better understand solenoid function for use in industrial applications.