Date of Completion

Spring 5-1-2018

Thesis Advisor(s)

Ali Bazzi

Honors Major

Electrical Engineering


Electromagnetics and Photonics


Switched reluctance machine (SRM) modifications in both control schemes and physical design have been steadily increasing in academia to improve machine performance. Assisted switched reluctance machines (ASRMs) are a type of design modification for SRMs. Permanent magnets (PMs) and electromagnetic DC coils (DCC) are being added to the SRM to improve its torque output and overall efficiency. The choice for the design modification has been evolving throughout the decades. The focus has shifted from adding DCC to ASRM to adding PMs to ASRMs. This paper reviews the research trends of ASRMs and includes an analysis of the modified stator yoke design. Although adding PMs limit the application of machines away from extreme environmental conditions due to risk of demagnetization and increase material costs, the torque density and torque ripple reductions can out-perform DCC. PM ASRM are a good choice for energy efficiency-sensitive applications, but DCC, with proper control circuitry, can have a wider application and smaller initial build cost.