Date of Completion

Spring 4-28-2017

Thesis Advisor(s)

Kevin S. Brown; Yeh-Chih Huang

Honors Major

Biomedical Engineering


Other Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering


The Agile development model is increasingly being adopted by the pharmaceutical industry for software development. Currently, there are several software projects under development by pharmaceutical companies that are using the Agile process. Other methodologies such as the Waterfall process, a traditional approach to project management, have evolved over time and been compared against the Agile method. Also there are conflicts of interest which should be taken into consideration when in a pharmaceutical setting such as abiding by FDA regulations. In addition, Agile’s sub-divisional approaches add to the versatility of how this iterative approach is applied in the pharmaceutical industry. The client of our senior design project, Metrum Research Group, is new to this process. Our senior design project focuses on developing a web scraper for parsing and compiling drug development pipeline data from an array of pharmaceutical sources, all by using the Agile approach. Software development, using Agile, in the pharmaceutical industry for drug development is very unique and has many components that are transforming the biomedical industry as a whole.