Date of Completion

Spring 5-1-2015

Thesis Advisor(s)

Judy Brown, PhD

Honors Major

Allied Health Sciences


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Geriatric Nursing | Geriatrics | Health and Medical Administration | Health Services Research | Neurosciences | Other Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion


The aging population in Connecticut currently represents ~15% of the state’s population but is anticipated to rapidly increase over the next 20 years. My thesis is an examination of the types of interventions and programs currently available for elderly persons with memory impairment and cognitive decline, as well as the challenges associated with caring for a larger elderly population. Data collected from interviews with CT healthcare and research professionals representative of the diverse specialties of aging together with an analysis of current research literature are used to demonstrate the importance of continued research and expansion of appropriate and accessible services available to the elderly, their caregivers, and family.