Date of Completion

Spring 5-1-2008

Thesis Advisor(s)

Montgomery T. Shaw

Honors Major

Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering | Engineering | Membrane Science


Conductive membranes were prepared by magnetic alignment of graphite-coated iron nanoparticles (GCINs) in a polyisobutylene (PIB) matrix, which was cast onto an interdigitated surface electrode. Toluene and tetrahydrofuran (THF) were used as solvents for the casting solution. Different molecular weights of PIB and solutions with concentrations ranging from 0.05- to 50-wt% were explored to optimize the mechanical and physical properties of the membrane. The amount of GCINs used in the membranes ranged from 0.1- to 2.5-wt%, and a sonicator was used to disperse the particles in the membrane. Sedimentation and surfactant studies were conducted to investigate the dispersion of GCINs in solutions. Progresses were made to find an optimal combination of various parameters in order to attain thin homogenous membranes for fast response.