Date of Completion

Spring 5-6-2012

Thesis Advisor(s)

Michael Faggella-Luby

Honors Major



Education | Special Education and Teaching


In response to policy, research, and practice, the field of special education evolves to meet the demands of the current education system (Brownell, Singeral, Kiely, & Danielson, 2010). The most current educational model, Response to Intervention (RTI) has prompted changes in all aspects of special education service delivery. The purpose of this honors thesis is to provide quantitative and qualitative exploration of the changing roles of special educators in relation to RTI implementation. The study methodology includes a quantitative 48-question survey and a qualitative follow-up interview. The results from the study indicate that special education teachers perceive an increase in the amount of time they spend collaborating with others and assessing students. The results of the study also indicate changes related to the essential components of RTI including increases in universal assessments and progress monitoring. The qualitative analysis revealed additional themes related to job stress and general education accountability.