Date of Completion

Spring 5-7-2011

Thesis Advisor(s)

Kenneth Fuchs

Honors Major



Composition | Music | Other Music


Through integrating different forms of media, the creator is able to give their audience a unique, multi-sensory experience. In my honors thesis, I concentrated on combining sight and sound as a communication tool and to further engage the observer.

The first type of media I chose to include was original solo instrument, voice, and piano songbooks focusing on lyrical playing for student and amateur musicians. I have also created audio realizations of the songs through Finale, which I then organized into CDs with the intention that the musician could understand how the music sounds before practicing. I combined the visual notated music and audio files along with my original artwork covers to create a package that would both appeal to the audience and convey my character.

The second type of media I chose to incorporate is five slideshows of my artwork accompanied by five of my original compositions. In choosing both the artwork and the compositions to include, I wished to portray a glimpse into my artistic development from the beginning of college (and in some cases middle and high school) through my current state.

The third type of media I challenged myself to include was five movies accompanied by five of my original compositions. After much searching on the Internet, I realized my first question to myself should be "what message do I wish to convey?" I remembered that I had stumbled upon several videos from NASA a few months back that would be perfect to include. I have always been interested in astronomy, and by combining these two seemingly unrelated interests, I could connect the arts and sciences together, showing my audience not only who I am as a person, but also that no matter what field you choose to pursue, you can always integrate your other interests with it. After searching through my various compositions, I chose five musical works that I thought would embody and enhance the essences of the NASA video clips I had chosen.

I have never really known "what I want to be when I grow up". In fact, I am constantly changing and may never know. However, through integrating these various forms of media and incorporating my different interests in music, art, and astronomy, it has taught me that I do not have to necessarily choose. As long as I keep my options open, I can instead use everything I learn and apply it to different areas of my life. This has been a great exercise in composing for different types of media and it has shown me where I have come from musically and artistically and where I am now. I do not know where life will take me, but I only wish it will let me inspire others to take this wonderful gift and follow their dreams fiercely and without hesitation.