Date of Completion

May 2006


An adjustable art table was designed for the artists at Passion Works Studio to fulfill a need for a wheelchair-friendly art table. The client desired that the table be sturdy, not electronic and can be used by multiple users. In response, a mechanical approach was taken and various raising devices were explored. A mechanical height adjustment would make for a more stable table and would not require any electricity or motor to adjust. The table also was built with a large, smooth tabletop designed specifically for multiple users making art. The highlight feature is the height adjustment which allows the table to adjust between 29 and 42.5 inches. The table requires just one person to raise, and two people to lower. To raise the table, an individual only needs to unlock the legs and then press in a button to activate the gas springs, which raise the table. Once the table is set to the desired height, the table can lock into place securely. To lower the table, one person must activate the gas springs and push down simultaneously with another person pushing down on the other side of the table. There is enough room for three people, depending on the size of the wheelchairs. With no wheelchairs, as many as six people can use the table. Therefore, the specifications were met, since it raises and lowers within the desired range, and it provides a solid surface for multiple users to do art work.