Date of Completion

Spring 5-8-2011

Thesis Advisor(s)

Nora Madjar

Honors Major

Business Administration


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Education | Other Business


Creativity among Unites States citizens is on a steady decline despite the overwhelming evidence that creativity is a crucial skill in the professional world (Zacko-Smith, Puccio, Mance, 2010). Educational organizations, such as the Connecticut Invention Convention (CIC) and other non-profit educational organizations, have been dedicated to increase the presence of creative problem solving and innovation through STEM-based learning and inventions in various schools in Connecticut. To promote the existence of these organizations in hopes of countering the current nations lack of focus on creativity, this thesis examines teacher's motivation to be involved in their programs and to train their students on how to think and act creatively, and how to make inventions.