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Pharmacy Studies


Prof. Bodhi Chaudhuri, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Medical Pharmacology | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


This study aimed to use 3D printing techniques to create a drug tablet containing two commonly used active ingredients (metformin and glyburide) for treating diabetes in a single pill. The hypothesis was that both drugs can be given in doses not available commercially and that these pills will have appropriate hardness, and extended-release dissolution. I was able to create 48 tablets that contained evenly dispersed active ingredient powder and met the weight requirements with consistency between tablets. Unfortunately, we had to substitute the usual bulk excipient for another because it was incompatible with the metformin and the replacement (mannitol) may have swelled when exposed to the liquid binder. The tablets produced were tilted at the top, were softer than normal, broke more easily, and dissolved too quickly. In future studies, we need to adjust the formulation to enhance hardness and maintain the tablet structure.