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Alternative and Complementary Medicine


The immune system evolved to protect organisms from an infinite variety of disease-causing agents but to avoid harmful responses to self. However, such a powerf~dl efense mechanism requires regulation. Immune regulation includes homeostatic and cellmediated targeted mechanisms to the activation, differentiation and function of antigen-triggered immuno-competent cells and irnmunoregulatory cells. The regulation of the immune system has been a major challenge for the management of autoimmune disorders, tumor immunity, infectious diseases and organ transplants. However, irnmuno-modulatory procedures used by modern medicine to induce immunoregulatory function have deleterious side effects. Ashwangandha (Withania somnifera), an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine is being tested and used in experimental and clinical cases with potential immuno-modulatory functions without any side effects. Here we propose future usages of Ashwangandha for immuno-regulatory function in translational research.


Elements: Ayurveda Health and Nutrition v.5: no.3 (2007)