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Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report #47, 39 pages.


  • Lower Food Costs in New England Linked to Connecticut Study
  • Agricultural Economists Study Rural Land Use in an Urbanizing Society
  • Can Leaf Lettuce Be Grown Under a Controlled Environment?
  • UConn Studies of Plant-Atmospheric Relationships May Lead to Improved Land Use in Connecticut
  • Recycling Sludge Can Nourish the Land
  • Mycorrhizal Development Study May Lead to Lower Costs and Better Plant Quality
  • Outdoor Recreation Growth Has Economic Environmental Impacts
  • Town Zoning Regulations Often Disregard Appearances
  • The Development of New and Unique Dwarf Evergreens
  • UConn Trains Adult Volunteers in Horticulture as Therapy
  • Nutritionist Studies the Relationship of Blood Lipids to Heart Disease
  • Connecticut Group Supports Study on Colitis in Felines
  • Nutrition Education Works for Children
  • Is the Iron in Fortified Cereals Biologically Available?
  • Programs and Studies are Varied in Northeastern Research Center for Wildlife Diseases
  • Are "Healthy Eggs" all They're Quacked Up to Be?
  • Proteins Regulated Early Development of Chick Embryo
  • Rapid Changes in Poultry Plant Operations are Studied
  • Poultry Registry to Be Published by UConn Geneticist
  • Vaccination Can Control Costly Chronic Respiratory Disease in Poultry
  • Detection and Control of Three Economically Important Poultry Diseases
  • UConn Publishes Ethnic Atlas of Connecticut
  • Rural Population Growth in Connecticut is More Pronounced than National Trend
  • Poverty Status of Male Versus Female Headed Families is Compared
  • Improved Control of Reproduction in Dairy Cattle
  • Improving Control of Infectious Diseases that Case Infertility in Dairy Cattle
  • UYA'ers Extend Nutrition Education to Many Groups in Eastern Connecticut
  • Horizontal Silo Technology is Studied by Interdisciplinary Team
  • Potato Metabolites are Being Tested for Toxicity