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Lichen planus is a fairly common chronic idiopathic disorder of the skin, nails and mucosal surfaces. Esophageal involvement of this disease on the other hand is rare and only about 50 cases have been reported in literature. Given its rarity, it can be difficult to diagnose and may be easily misdiagnosed as reflux esophagitis. Currently, there are no clear recommendations on the optimal management of this disease and little is known about the best treatment approach. Systemic steroids are usually the first line treatment and offer a favorable response. In this report, we would like to present a novel approach in the management of esophageal lichen planus in a middle-aged woman treated successfully with swallowed fluticasone propionate 220 mcg twice a day for 6 wk, as evidenced by objective clinical findings. Based on our review of related literature and experience in this patient, we feel that a trial of swallowed fluticasone may be a prudent approach in the management of these patients since it has a more favorable side effect profile than systemic treatment.


World J Gastroenterol. 2013 March 14; 19(10): 1652–1656. Published online 2013 March 14. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i10.1652 PMCID: PMC3602484