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Data on Connecticut embayment characteristics. This Excel file is the centerpiece for capturing embayment characteristics as presented in RESPEC (2022), developed specifically for this project. Some parameters such as watershed size, embayment size, and tidal range were pulled from other sources described in Appendix A of RESPEC (2022), but much of the data and indicators in the Excel file were developed for this project. Each parameter included in the spreadsheet is fully defined in Appendix A of RESPEC (2022). All data available in the spreadsheet are provided by embayment in Appendix C of RESPEC (2022), including the results of bathymetric analysis to develop hypsographic curves.

RESPEC, 2022. Task 2: Embayment Characteristics in Development of a Statewide Embayment Modeling Scheme for Connecticut: Final Report, prepared by RESPEC, Rapid City, SD, for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Hartford, CT.