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Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Oceanography


This archive contains the supporting dataset for the Biogeosciences manuscript “Observed and forecasted global warming pressure on coastal hypoxia” by Michael M. Whitney. The main objective of the manuscript is studying global patterns exacerbating coastal hypoxia by analyzing linear trends in SST, surface oxygen capacity, and (vertical-minimum) oxygen concentration. Observations from a satellite-derived SST global climate data are analyzed to provide context for coastal SST and oxygen-capacity trends over the last four decades. New analysis of 21st century forecasts from the Community Earth System Model (CESM) Large Ensemble Project is completed for coastal areas. Observed and forecasted coastal SST and oxygen capacities are compared for the first 16 years of the forecast period that already have occurred. The study investigates forecasts for documented coastal hypoxic locations and also considers the entire global coast to include unknown and potentially emerging hypoxic areas. Global open-ocean rates also are included for context. (22088 kB)
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