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Though the roots of photogrammetry can be traced back to photography’s earliest days, only recent advances in both digital technology and software applications have put the possibilities of 3D modeling from 2D source images in the hands of the greater cultural heritage community. The possibilities of such 3D digital rendering are many. With these possibilities come unique digital preservation challenges. This study explores basic close-range photogrammetry as applied to sample archival objects. Additionally, the latest BagIt and ZIP-based bundling formats along with repository-based solutions are also surveyed as potential 3D data management and archiving aggregators for resulting 3D models.


Source: Bennett, Michael J. "Evaluating the Creation and Preservation Challenges of Photogrammetry-based 3D Models." Archiving Conference 2015 no. 1 (May 19, 2015): 78-82. Copyright 2015 Society for Imaging Science and Technology.

A presentation based upon this final report made by the author on May 21, 2015 at the Society of Imaging Science and Technology's Archiving 2015 Conference, Los Angeles may be found at

Original MLK 3D model data set used as illustration in the written article may downloaded as the ZIP archive,

Basic interactive U3D MLK model may be downloaded as MLK_20150226.pdf and opened in generic viewer (e.g. Acrobat Reader). (3105189 kB)

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