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2 The campus community may be increasingly satisfied with the library services they receive, notes the Vice Provost, however, the library is planning several new initiatives to continue improving services.

4 Librarian Kathy Labadorf joined her husband, Tom, in pursuing a longtime dream of traveling cross country on motorcycles.

5 The Library marks Open Access Week in October by showcasing the recipients of funds from the UConn Open Access Author Fund.

6 The Music & Dramatic Arts Library began the fall semester on a sweeter note courtesy of the donation of some 8,000 music CDs.

7 New research skills workshops for graduate and prospective graduate students are launched.

8 Norman Stevens, Library Director Emeritus, is feted at a lunch to celebrate his 80th birthday.

9 Faculty enjoyed learning about the latest library services at an open house on September 27.

10 The University’s Landscape Architect and Tree Warden talks of the challenges she faces on the ever-changing Storrs campus.

11 Co-chairs of the University’s Arboretum Committee explain the committee’s origins and how it works to preserve and protect the existing trees and shrubs on campus.