About This Journal

Mission Statement

JEPCH is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of correctional health. It seeks to provide a forum for academics, practitioners, and activists from correctional and public health, criminal justice, human rights and related fields to communicate and discuss evidence-based approaches to health implemented in practice. In so doing, JEPCH contributes to the development and dissemination of the body of knowledge in healthcare applied to the criminal justice system and populations served so as to foster quality care, improved public health and support social justice. Authors from all disciplines are encouraged to submit their articles for peer review. Our goal is to assist authors to publish and to disseminate quality information. Articles can be submitted at any time. Every effort will be made to move articles through the peer review and editorial process in three months. There are no costs to authors for publications.

Review process:

New submissions go through an in-house quality control check to ensure adherence to our policies and requirements (see Review checklist - part 1), including:

1. Does it fit Aims and Scope

2. Does it meet minimum quality? (originality, value added, factual accuracy)

3. Does author follow guidelines?

4. Ethical requirements for human and animal experimentation

5. All articles will be scanned by plagiarism software (Safe Assign/or Authenticate).

6. Financial disclosures/competing interests included, if any

7. Data deposition

8. Author information will be removed; page & line numbers applied so that responses from

9. 2 peer reviewers- double blind – complete part 2 & 3 of the review checklist. 4-6 weeks reviewer can reference the page & line when possible provided per review.

Final decision is made by the Editor, although each reviewer is requested to have input. Decisions concerning each manuscript review will be one of the following:

  1. Publish as is
  2. Publish with minor revision
  3. Publish with major revision
  4. Rewrite and resubmit
  5. Reject.