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Bryan D. Huey, George Rossetti, Jr.

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Materials Science and Engineering


Master of Science

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Batteries are electrochemical devices that consist of two or more electrochemical cells, which change stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Na-S battery is the most preferred due to a high energy density, high efficiency of charge/discharge (89–92%), long cycle life, and cost effectiveness.

However, Na-S batteries have to be operated at temperatures (300-350C) and contain highly corrosive nature of the sodium polysulfides. A breach and leakage of hot molten material can flow over the battery modules inside, causing a short between battery cells, which causes fire. That is why the sealing is important and requires many properties.

In this study, the effect of various elements in glass is investigated so as to find optimal compositions for glass sealing in Na-S batteries.

Major Advisor

Seok-Woo Lee