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Letitia Naigles, Adrian Garcia-Sierra

Field of Study

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences


Master of Arts

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Open Access


Language impairment in languages other than English has not been exhaustively studied. In the current study, we developed tasks that elicit productions of verbal morphemes from Turkish-speaking children. In the first part of the study we developed the tasks and piloted them on adults and school-aged children. In the second part of the study, we compared the performance of younger children with and without primary language impairment on the tasks we had developed. Our results suggested that adults and school-aged children were at or near ceiling on our tasks. Furthermore, the younger typically developing children performed near ceiling, whereas the children with primary language impairment made significantly more errors with grammatical inflections. Moreover, the pattern of error was dissimilar between these two groups of children.

Major Advisor

Bernard Grela