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Devendra Kalonia, Xinyu Zhao

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


Theoretical and experimental investigations are presented for the precision measurement of evaporation kinetics of binary mixtures using a quartz crystal resonator. A thin layer of light alcohol mixture including a volatile (methanol) and a much less volatile (1-butanol) components is deployed on top of a crystal resonator for the evaporation experiment. A one-dimensional theoretical model is developed to describe the underlying mass transfer and interfacial transport phenomena. Along with the theoretical analysis, the transient evaporation kinetics, moving interface, and the stratification of viscosity of the liquid mixture during evaporation can be simultaneously measured by the impedance response of the shear and longitudinal waves emitted from the resonator. The result on the binary mixture presents a simplified model system for further investigations of complicated evaporation kinetics involving complex fluids or multi-component fuel systems.

Major Advisor

Tai-Hsi Fan