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Yang Cao, Shalabh Gupta

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering


Master of Engineering

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Open Access


Micro-grids are becoming of more interest worldwide to achieve reliable electrical energy infrastructure during natural hazards and catastrophic situations due to their ability to operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes. They typically include distributed generation resources that could provide heat and electricity and are expected to have significant clean energy penetration.

Micro-grid system reliability is critical for system design and maintenance since it is commonly used as a backup power system especially during the main grid blackouts or failures. The study of micro-grid reliability can give system designers, operators, and customers potential failure modes of its subsystems and components and can provide lifetime estimation by estimating the time before the first physical failure of the micro-grid. Therefore, reliability analysis of micro-grids is significant at both design and operation stages.

Major Advisor

Ali M. Bazzi