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Prof.Quing Zhu, Prof.Kazunori Hoshino

Field of Study

Biomedical Engineering


Master of Engineering

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Open Access


Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology has enjoyed significant advances in just a few short years. The quality of LCD panels has improved dramatically while at the same time costs have gradually come down. LCDs are now found in products as small as mobile phones and as large as 42-inch flat panel screens. The thesis will introduces and discusses two new applications of Liquid crystal display.

Anti-headlamp digital glass: In recent years, public concerns regarding headlamp glare have substantially increased and become one of the most active dockets in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. We report an innovative design of a digital wearable glass that can reduce the discomforting glare and improve human’s night vision.

Microscopy illumination engineering using a low-cost liquid crystal display: In a typical microscope, the condenser lens provides sample illumination that is uniform and free from glare. The associated condenser diaphragm can be manually adjusted to obtain the optimal illumination numerical aperture. We report a programmable condenser lens for active illumination control. In our prototype setup, we used a $15 liquid crystal display as a transparent spatial light modulator and placed it at the back focal plane of the condenser lens.

Major Advisor

Guoan Zheng