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Lanbo Liu, Glenn Warner

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Natural Resources


Master of Science

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Open Access


This study was conducted to evaluate trends in MTBE contamination in groundwater and the rate of dissipation of contamination at gasoline stations in Connecticut following the January 2004 Ban of MTBE in gasoline. Statistical evaluations were conducted using pre- and post-ban data for 22 gasoline stations (83 monitoring wells), representing a range of geologic, hydrogeologic and anthropogenic conditions in Connecticut. The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test for comparison of mean pre-ban and post-ban MTBE concentration for each site supported a decrease in concentration after the ban at 18 of the 22 sites. Dissipation of MTBE was further supported with the analysis of individual monitoring wells, which showed a decrease in MTBE in 68 of the 83 monitoring wells. Using data from the first two years after the ban from wells exhibiting a decrease in MTBE since the ban (68), the MTBE dissipation was modeled as a first order rate process. An average dissipation half-life of 7.3 months was calculated. The first order models developed using data from the first two years after the ban reasonably predicted observed conditions four years after the ban.

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Appendix A Contents

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Site Data Tables

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MTBE Trend Plots

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Appendix B Contents

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Site Descriptive Statistics, Histograms, and Box Plots

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MTBE Site Trend Plots

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Appendix C Contents

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Mann-Kendall Summary Table

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Mann-Kendall Test Data Sheets

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Appendix D Contents

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Semi-Log Trend Plots of MTBE Concentration

Major Advisor

Gary A. Robbins