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Heather Bortfeld, Rhiannon Smith

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Master of Arts

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Open Access


Coordination is crucial throughout development, from motor development and language acquisition to children’s play and other social interactions. Based on the links between motor and social behavior, proper coordination should help children connect socially with others. Being part of a larger study investigating the effects of a multisystem intervention tool for children with ASD, this work examined the effect of robot-child interaction on interpersonal and intrapersonal coordination in typically developing children. 5-year-olds and 7 year-olds participated in a four-week training protocol, where children had to copy the movements of a small humanoid robot. Measures of cross recurrence quantification analysis revealed that older children seem to benefit from the interactions showing improved interpersonal, but not intrapersonal coordination in simple clapping and maraca-shaking tasks.

Major Advisor

James A. Dixon