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Michael Dietz, Julia Kuzovkina

Field of Study

Plant Science


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


The Community Research and Design Collaborative (CRDC) is the outreach organization of the University of Connecticut's Landscape Architecture Program. This project, performed by CRDC, took place in Riverside Park which is located in the northern portion of New London, Connecticut. It began with developing a master plan for the park. During the master plan development, an issue with the stormwater system at the adjacent Winthrop Elementary School came to light. A study was performed in order to develop a solution to the problem that could be incorporated into the master plan for the park. Throughout the project, a series of workshops were held to allow the public to participate in the process. This is a design project with a service learning component. This thesis provides an in-depth case study of the project and ends by evaluating the effectiveness of its service learning component by using student reflection, community feedback, and an evaluative methodology.

Major Advisor

Peter Miniutti