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Dr. Jean J. Schensul, Dr. Joseph A. Burleson

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Public Health


Master of Public Health

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Open Access


In low and middle-income countries (LMICs), symptoms of reproductive morbidities are the most common health problem reported by women. Women in developing countries are often at higher risk for these problems due to the social, behavioral, cultural, infrastructural, and demographic barriers they face in daily life and in receiving medical treatment. Previous studies conducted in LMICs have found an association between women’s self-reported symptoms of reproductive morbidity and negative life situations and have suggested, that rather than a biomedical issue, women in LMICs may express these symptoms to reflect other problems in their lives. Currently, however, women who self-report symptoms of reproductive morbidity are treated only for the biological factors that affect their reproductive health. The purpose of this study is to better identify the factors that affect women’s reproductive health outcomes in order to provide suggestions for a more holistic approach when addressing women who present gynecological and related symptoms.

Major Advisor

Dr. Stephen L. Schensul