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Prof. Robert Gao and Prof. Jiong Tang

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


This the sis present the continuous polynomial adaptive estimator CPAE which estimates a nonlinear parameter in nonlinearly parametrized NLP system. It combines the multiple region law with the companion adaptive system presented in [1] to come up with the CPAE. Stability is discussed and general definition of persistence of excitation PE condition is proposed for parameter convergence using the CPAE. As an application, the CPAE was successfully used to estimate the airspeed in presence of airspeed sensor failure on a developed academic aircraft model. As part of Loss of Control Prevention through adaptive reconfiguration project supported by NASA, the IMU theory method, which estimates airspeed using data from the inertial measurement unit IMU and the global positioning system GPS, is presented and applied on the generic transport model GTM. Conclusions and future work for aforementioned topics were presented at the end of this thesis.

Major Advisor

Prof. Chengyu Cao