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John R. Agar, Thomas Taylor, Arthur R Hand

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Dental Science


Master of Dental Science

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Dental prostheses in the maxilla can change the soft tissue profile of the face.

The aim of this project was to study the subjective responses to any changes in facial esthetics and lip support/lip projection related to the maxillary prostheses. 20 maxillary edentulous patients esthetically satisfied with their maxillary complete dentures were included in the study. Each patient’s maxillary denture was duplicated. Frontal and profile digital images were made with the duplicate denture in the mouth. Then, the labial flange was sectioned off from first premolar to first premolar, and the same images were taken. Four images per subject were evaluated in random order twice by 15 General Dentists, 15 Prosthodontists and 30 Laypeople. The judges used VAS to analyze the images. All the findings were classified and compared to study any differences in subjective responses to facial esthetics and lip support.

The results showed that images of patients with intact dentures were rated with higher scores compared to images of the same patients without labial flanges for both profile and frontal views. However, the magnitude of the difference was small.

The results also revealed that there was not statistically significant difference in subjective perception of facial esthetics amongst General Dentists, Prosthodontists and Lay People or amongst female and male judges. Furthermore, patient gender did not affect the judge’s subjective perception. The results obtained could serve as a guideline to the clinician and as a foundation for future researchers in the disciplines of prosthodontics and plastic surgery.

Major Advisor

Avinash Bidra