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David Gregorio; Karen Pasquale

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Public Health


Master of Public Health

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There is unprecedented national dialogue taking place on the future of our health care system. It is probable that there will be more health care legislation and system reform in the next several years than in any period in our history. Integration of the health care system must occur to improve accessibility, coordination, continuity, and communication between providers and with patients. However, this transformation requires significant expansion of our existing primary care provider base.

The Primary Care Coalition of Connecticut (PCCC) was formed in 2009 to serve as an advocate to the public, a resource to legislative and payer policy makers, and a focal point for activity to improve the existing primary care base. Coalition members come from diverse backgrounds, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, public health workers, community health centers, government health programs, and private medical practices. They united to help build and promote a more effective system of primary health care for Connecticut.

Between September 2010 and June 2011, a health policy intern facilitated a strategic planning process undertaken by the PCCC. This thesis describes the process and end results of strategic planning.

Major Advisor

Joan Segal