Eurotech Students in Germany: Preparation, Experience and Outcome

Daisy A. Michaels, University of Connecticut - Storrs

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Higher education study abroad programs for U.S. students are on the rise. A variety of undergraduate disciplines are being coupled with international components to bring U.S. students to a higher level of global awareness to meet the demands of today’s economy. The University of Connecticut’s Eurotech Program is an example of this trend. Its students earn degrees in both German and engineering in a five year program. They are given practical training through study and internships in Germany under the auspices of the Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program. One of the Eurotech Program’s major goals is to enhance job opportunities for its graduates by giving them the linguistic and cultural skills to interact with German engineers in the U.S. and Germany and thereby making them more attractive to employers. The study includes an overview of the Eurotech Program, a survey of literature concerning study abroad goals and the collection and analysis of data from former and current participants of the program through their responses on questionnaires. The study highlights the achievements of the program’s goals as the Eurotech students see them.