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Aditya Tadinada, I-Ping Chen, Kamran Safavi

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Dental Science


Master of Dental Science

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Open Access


Objective: This experimental clinical trial aims to evaluate the accuracy and efficacy of a computer designed / 3D printed endodontic guide to achieve a conservative endodontic access preparation on upper molars. As a secondary objective we will determine if the endodontic guide can assist the practitioner especially when comparing two operators with a different level of experience to achieve an endodontic cavity access in a reduced time and localizing all the canals thereby preserving more dental structure Materials and Methods: This study utilized 80 extracted maxillary molars and were divided into 2 groups of a conservative access and a CBCT planned 3D printed endodontic guide. 2 operators with different level of experience perform the cavity access. Time allocated to perform each procedure was recorded. Volumetric analysis was done by compering volumetric data form the pre CBCT vs the post CBCT.Conclusion: We concluded, within the limitation of this study that the use of an endodontic guide, that was carefully treatment planned and 3D printed, helps to preserve significantly more dental structure in a significative less amount of time without influence of the experience level of the operator.

Major Advisor

Aditya Tadinada