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Dr. Baki Cetegen, Dr. Xinyu Zhao, Dr. Francesco Carbone

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

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Open Access


An experimental methodology for studying the mixing and heat transfer characteristics of effusion cooling jets was developed alongside an experimental test section. Preliminary investigations into these phenomena were performed in an environment relevant to gas turbine combustors. An array of effusion jets were injected into a hot vitiated crossflow containing combustion products at an average temperature of 1500K. Planar images of gas temperature via Rayleigh scattering were obtained parallel to the injection plane at various heights for two density ratios (4.65 and 3.05) and three blowing ratios (5, 7, and 10).

The main goal of this data collection was for validation of the methodology and improving the fundamental understanding of the fluid mechanics involved. The instantaneous gas temperature distributions reveal that there are significant fluctuations in the motion of the effusion jets which can be attributed to 3 different sources:

1.) Flow interactions between the individual jets.

2.) Entrainment of the crossflow.

3.) Geometry of the effusion jet hole creating turbulence prior to injection.

It was also observed that for a set blowing ratio, as density ratio decreased, fluctuations in the jet motion increased. Additionally, jet penetration depth increased with decreasing density ratio.

Major Advisor

Dr. Baki Cetegen