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Jane Ungemack; Zhao Helen Wu; Christopher Gordon

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Public Health


Master of Public Health

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Background: Black and Hispanic residents of Connecticut are disproportionately affected by various health disparities, some of which can be reduced by improving health. The Just Us Moving Program (JUMP) seeks to do this by promoting physical activity and healthy eating in these populations. This research was conducted to assess the reach of JUMP to its target population and characterize its initial population.

Methods: Participants were characterized by surveys given at JUMP events as their experience of the event. Strategies to ascertain relevant information before and after event were explored to assess various aspects of their participation, for example, physical activity levels and knowledge of step counts and associated health benefits.

Results: Participants mostly consisted of young adults. The majority of participants reported that the information from events was useful, that they learned something new, and that they would recommend future events to others. Furthermore, confidence to increase daily step counts improved from pre- to post-event.

Conclusions: JUMP as it is currently configured is successful in reaching its target population, and its events effectively improve confidence regarding physical activity. Furthermore, the study demonstrated pre-post data collection feasibility. As it attracts more participants, JUMP’s data collection for long-term health outcomes would be feasible.

Major Advisor

Jane Ungemack