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Dr. Tara M. Lutz, Dr. Mary Beth Bruder, Dr. Cristina Mogro-Wilson

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Public Health


Master of Public Health

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Open Access


Background: The purposes of this study include gathering a baseline assessment of 1) the extent to which UConn MPH students describe their exposure to disability content within the curriculum, and 2) how students describe their experiences encountering persons with disabilities (PWD).

Methods: A survey was completed by 36 current UConn MPH students and alumni.

Results: When asked how often disability was integrated into curriculum and class discussion, a majority of participants (n= 28) answered sometimes, rarely, or never, (77.8%), (88.9%). All students who reported having classes with students from other disciplines reported that it was valuable. Eighty-six percent indicated that the program should do more to promote disability awareness and seventy-four percent believe that PUBH 5501 should be a mandatory MPH course.

Conclusion: This thesis informs efforts to increase the amount of disability content across MPH courses to further the knowledge and skills of future professionals in their work with PWD.

Major Advisor

Dr. Tara M. Lutz