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Jacqueline Loss, Rosa helena Chinchilla, Ana Maria Diaz-Marcos

Field of Study

Literatures, Cultures & Languages


Master of Arts

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Open Access


For decades, documentary filmmakers have combined academic research and narrative non-fiction, making the genre of documentary a resourceful tool to address certain agendas that exceed the boundaries of traditional research methodologies. My feature film Villa Rosa (2016) as well as the work in progress of Sexilio (2020…) combine the scholarly and cinematographic realms as a strategy to foreground queer issues and the preservation of individual and collective memory. More specifically, my thesis will focus on rhetorical strategies used by queer filmmakers and archivists when the so-called historical archive appears deficient. As a result, the filmmaking process itself must create the archive through performative triggers that help reconstruct ephemeral and emotional experiences. My own efforts as a documentary filmmaker and researcher working with queer archives will also be woven into my presentation, as the result of the investigative process of creating an archive of Cuban queer diasporas that includes personal and historical documents.

Major Advisor

Miguel Gomes