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Baikun Li; William Mustain

Field of Study

Biomedical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


The highly porous Mn2O3-Ag nanofibers were fabricated by a facile two-step procedure (electrospinning and calcination) and then employed as the immobilization matrix for glucose oxidase (GOD) to construct an amperometric glucose biosensor. A notable enhancement of direct electron transfer between GOD and the electrode is observed at the Mn2O3-Ag-GOD modified electrode with a fast electron transfer rate constant. The biosensor also shows fast response to glucose, high sensitivity (40.60 μA×mM-1×cm-2), low detection limit (1.73 µM at S/N=3), low Km,app value and excellent selectivity. These results indicate that the novel Mn2O3-Ag nanfibers-GOD composite has great potential application in oxygen-reduction-based glucose biosensing.

Major Advisor

Yu Lei