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Timothy Byrne, Jean Crespi, William Ouimet

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Geological Sciences


Master of Science

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Open Access


Structural analyses and fluid inclusion microthermometry were conducted within the blueschist facies, Yuli Belt in the Taiwan arc-continent collision in order to better understand the kinematics and pressure and temperature conditions associated with rapid exhumation (~10 km/myr) of high-pressure rocks. The most recent ductile deformation, observed as a penetrative fabric, S3, and relatively late, steeply dipping, mineral-filled, mode-I fractures, was characterized by vertical shortening, top-to-the southwest shear, and northeast-southwest extension. The late-stage veins record entrapment conditions ranging from 200°C to 450°C. To generalize, this structural and metamorphic history is interpreted to reflect the later stages of exhumation of the Yuli Belt as the plate motion changed and/or thicker and more buoyant continental crust was incorporated into the subduction zone 2-1 Ma.

Major Advisor

Timothy Byrne