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Carol Atkinson-Palombo; Andrew Ballantine

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Master of Arts

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This study uses ethnographic methods to investigate how people understand and relate to places in order to better understand the symbolic, meanings-based aspects of human-environment interaction. Through semi-structured photo-elicitation interviews, the research analyzes how stakeholders perceive and narrate the meanings and experiences related to the Midcoast Maine cultural landscape, and contributes to the relatively new scholarship on ‘cultured naturalness.’ This research aims to construct a fine-grained ethnographic rendering by means of a small sample size (n=13) and open-ended interviews. Residents' narratives are investigated to reveal the diversity and themes of place-meanings associated with the human and natural landscape. On a practical level, this research may assist local planners and land managers resolve or prevent land-use conflicts.

Major Advisor

Nathaniel Trumbull