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Peng Zhang, Shengli Zhou, Ashwin Dani

Field of Study

Electrical Engineering


Master of Science

Open Access

Open Access


This work presents a reachability analysis approach for dual active bridge (DAB) converters in the presence of heterogeneous uncertainties induced by manufacturing tolerance, temperature, humidity, etc. Reachability analysis can overapproximate the set of all possible reachable states from the set of initial states and parameter values based on the reachability algorithm. The novelty of this work includes: 1) it gives a comprehensive introduction of how to build a hybrid automata model for a DAB converter, and use the hybrid automata model for the purpose of reachability analysis through SpaceEx; 2) it develops the procedures of building the SpaceEx model for an arbitrary model by using Atom Text Editor; 3) different non-determined input values are incorporated in the reachability analysis to further improve the performance; and 4) multiple non-determined input values are the first time proposed to discover the influence of the system with diverse uncertain. Test results validate the effectiveness and excellent performance of the presented method.

Major Advisor

Peng Zhang