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Syam Nukavarapu; Tannin Schmidt

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Biomedical Engineering


Master of Science

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Superficial zone cells are a highly mobile population of chondroprogenitor cells. Their ability to undergo chemotaxis towards a cartilage injury site is suggested to be involved in the articular cartilage regenerative response. HB-EGF, a member of EGF family, is expressed by chondroprogenitors. HB-EGF is involved in cell cycle progression, adhesion, survival and cell migration during injury responses in other systems. This research examined the compared effects of growth factors on chemotaxis by articular cartilage superficial zone cells. HB-EGF was identified as a powerful chemoattractant for superficial zone cells. HB-EGF was especially effective in promoting chemotaxis at low concentration indicating that superficial zone cells are highly sensitive to the HB-EGF signal. These results suggest HB-EGF may be useful in future cartilage repair strategies as a way to stimulate migration of chondroprogenitors to the injury site.

Major Advisor

Caroline Dealy

Available for download on Wednesday, April 24, 2024