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Dr. Chih-Jen Sung, Dr. Baki M. Cetegen, Dr. Bryan Weber

Field of Study

Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

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Open Access


This effort presents a combustion test stand capable of conducting fundamental study of the flame region of a practical liquid fuel single element as well as capturing the necessary spray and flow data required to construct and validate CFD simulations. A current practical single element was utilized to demonstrate the capabilities of this test stand and evaluate both the resulting data quality and measurement limitations. Specifically, OH and CH2O Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), multi-species chemiluminescence, and direct visual spectrum methods were successfully utilized to locate and characterize the flame region of this element in conjunction with spray particle sizing conducted utilizing a Malvern diffraction system.

Time Resolved Particle Imaging Velocimetry (TR-PIV) was utilized to capture flow data useful for the validation of future CFD simulations along vertical planes located at multiple radial locations with respect to the central axis of the element. This data included the axial and radial velocity components of the bulk flow under both reacting and non-reacting conditions and 2D RMS fluctuation velocity components of various non-reacting flow conditions. This data was also utilized to evaluate the symmetry of the flow within the element as well as wall effects on the flow. Mass flow analysis was also conducted so as to establish the mean velocity boundary conditions of the swirler assembly under various air pressure drop conditions.

Limitations were found and evaluated in terms of measurement feasibility in the reactive PIV and chemiluminescence measurements for various fuel atomization conditions.

Major Advisor

Dr. Chih-Jen Sung