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Dr. James Rusling, Dr. Jing Zhao, Dr. Mark Peczuh, Dr. Alferdo Angeles-Boza

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Master of Science

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Open Access


The overall goal of research in our group has been to develop devices and use techniques for rapid, easy detection that would also be fully automated, highly sensitive, cost effective and involves multi-protein detection with moderate to high throughput with respect to the increasing need in clinical diagnostics of today. The devices used are developed using 3D printing technology and the methodology used was based on the generation of chemiluminescence (CL), which is obtained by applying a fixed voltage and then measured with a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera as a detector. The chemiluminiscense replaces the colorimetric detection of proteins which is used in traditional ELISA thus modifying the ELISA kit assays which is considered the gold standard for protein detection and making it more suitable for POC testing.

Major Advisor

Dr. James Rusling