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Blythe Kaufman, Robert Aseltine, Kamran Safavi

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Dental Science


Master of Dental Science

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Open Access


Endodontic residency programs vary in exposure to procedures, protocols and equipment across the United States. Available resources for clarifying the clinical experiences of current endodontic residents are lacking. Following Institutional Review Board approval, a survey regarding the clinical experiences of current endodontic residents was electronically distributed to all current endodontic residents that maintained an email address listed in the 2016/2017 AAE Membership Directory. The number of endodontic procedures, techniques employed, and products utilized were evaluated and described. The results of the survey included a 30% completion rate (133/437). The majority of respondents indicated completing between: 150-250 non-surgical root canals (NS-RCT), 26-50 non-surgical root canal retreatments (NS-RCT Retx), 0-10 Apicoectomies, and 0-10 Regenerative procedures during their endodontic post-graduate programs. All respondents report using a surgical operating microscope (SOM) for all procedures performed, and 82% described using a multi-file rotary system for their non-surgical procedures. Approximately 18% stated they used both single-file reciprocation and multi-file rotary systems for NS-RCT and NS-RCT Retx procedures. Dentsply Sirona manufactured files were listed as the predominant rotary and reciprocation instruments employed during respondents endodontic training. The most commonly used obturation technique listed was warm vertical hybrid technique with apical downpack followed by backfill system (WVHT) as 92% of respondents indicated this is their preferred obturation method. Thus, the information gained from this descriptive study can provide future applicants a better understanding of the clinical experiences they should expect when matriculating into a post-graduate endodontic program while also delivering transparency amongst the various endodontic residency programs.

Major Advisor

Blythe Kaufman