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Steven A. Zinn; Thomas A. Hoagland

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Animal Science


Master of Science

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Open Access


The horse industry is a multibillion dollar industry where the health of the animals is of great focus for horse owners. Bone fractures are an aspect of equine health failure that is continually catastrophic and often fatal. In addition to discussing fracture, this review will outline the process by which bone tissue is regularly maintained and self-healed. Also, traditional methods of healing fractures that have limited use and success will be discussed. The lack of success that is common with the traditional methods has led to the need for additional research to identify more successful and economical ways of healing fractured bone. This review will identify advancements in research, including the use of adult stem cells; specifically, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), in fracture healing. The main focus of previous research in this area has been in rodent and human models. The previous research has shown that MSC are an accessible and functional source for bone regeneration. Past work has increased understanding of the isolation, proliferation, and differentiation of MSC in rodent and human models. Recent studies suggest that equine (e) MSC may be used for the advancement of fracture healing, but more research is required in this species. This literature review will present data supporting the advancements of this novel method for use in healing equine fractures.

Major Advisor

Kristen E. Govoni