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Dr. Jeremy Pais, Dr. Mary J. Fischer, and Dr. Simon Cheng

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Master of Arts

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Are racial and ethnic groups exposed to different residential conditions as a result of a taste for different housing amenities or a difference in housing accessibility? Using a Blinder-Oaxaca regression decomposition technique this study examines how the housing costs of non-Hispanic Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians would differ if each group had the same sociodemographic characteristics as non-Hispanic whites. This provides a window into the housing trade-offs that people make—i.e. the prices householders are willing pay for certain housing amenities—and investigates whether these trade-offs vary by race and ethnicity in ways that signal differential taste or access to different housing amenities. Findings suggest that the different housing and neighborhood outcomes experienced by non-white minorities have little to do with the ways that racial and ethnic groups prioritize the importance of a their neighborhood surroundings. Instead, the structure of the housing market forces non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanics to sacrifice more to gain access to the same quality neighborhoods as non-Hispanic whites. This finding suggests that more attention needs to be given to the social mechanism that make some housing units less accessible and more costly for non-white minorities.

Major Advisor

Dr. Jeremy Pais

Available for download on Sunday, December 12, 2027