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Christine Simon, David Wagner, Charles Henry, John McCutcheon

Field of Study

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Master of Science

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Open Access


The Patagonian cicada genus Tettigades, although abundant and diverse, was poorly documented until Torres (1958) reviewed the species of the genus, describing 17 new species and redescribing others. His review provided useful insights on variation and distribution of species in the genus. However, despite Torres’ efforts, some species descriptions remained vague and many lacked descriptions of morphological variation within or among populations.

The goal of this thesis is to compile, evaluate, and integrate previous work with new data to serve as a reference for future studies of this genus. Morphological, geographical, and molecular data are combined in order to treat some of the Chilean species of Tettigades and to provide insight on potential species new to science. Argentine and other Chilean species will be included in future studies. The described species that will be treated in this thesis include the following Chilean species: T. auropilosa, T. chilensis, T. distanti, T. lacertosa, T. limbata, T. opaca, T. ulnaria, and T. undata.

Major Advisor

Christine Simon