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Kazunori Hoshino, Bin Feng, Guoan Zheng

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Mechanical Engineering


Master of Science

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Many kinds of research in the neurological field have been done over a hundred years, but there are still unknown mechanisms or phenomena about the functions of nerve cells. Nerve cells are known as electrically excitable cells, so nerve signals can be recorded by electrical devices. Therefore, developments and applications of such devices is also one of important topics in neurological study.

In this study, we developed a novel nerve cell interface using biocompatible substrate and electrodes: Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) and Gold. The PDMS substrate has a cylindrical groove on the center of the top surface for placement of a nerve cell root, and the Gold electrode array is fabricated across the groove. To deposit Gold electrodes on the curved surface of PDMS, we applied UV-induced graft polymerization and Electroless plating techniques. The sheet resistance of the deposited Gold electrodes were evaluated to show they have enough conductivity to use for nerve cell experiments.

Major Advisor

Kazunori Hoshino